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Maggie's Farm Rum Store

White Rum - $28

Made with 100% Louisiana turbinado, and fermented, distilled, then aged for a resting period that increases the natural esters. ...

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Spiced Rum - $30

Infused with a unique blend of spices, including vanilla bean, fresh orange zest, and cinnamon, with a dry -- never syrupy -- finish. ...

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Single Barrel Rum - $45

Traditionally aged for at least two years. The aging process reveals notes of caramel and vanilla, complimented with hints of oak. ...

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50/50 Dark Rum - $35

Caribbean-style black rum, blended at 50/50 from our White Rum and 12-year Trinidadian rum, then re-aged for a minimum of 6 months. ...

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50/50 Pineapple Rum - $40

Fresh pineapple macerated in aged imported rum, and blended 50% with our own White Rum vapor-distilled through pineapple barks. ...

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Falernum Liqueur - $35

Our take on the ginger, clove, and lime cordial from Barbados, made from fresh ingredients yet shelf-stable and 50 proof. ...

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Coffee Liqueur - $30

Made from locally roasted, single-origin fair-trade beans, blended with brown sugar, vanilla, and our own pot-distilled White Rum. ...

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Sher-Rye Aged Queen's Share - $65

This reserve spirit is presented at cask strength and is an 80/20 blend of Queen's Share aged two years in rye whiskey casks and Oloroso she...

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Double Oak Queen's Share - $65

This reserve spirit is presented at cask strength from the redistilling of a collection of “tails,” with an oak finish. Now available in...

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M.F.O.F. Rum Old Fashioned - $28

A classic American cocktail using our White Rum aged in whiskey casks, then blended with turbinado sugar and aromatic bitters. ...

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Hidden Harbor - $40

Hidden Harbor, designed by the tiki bar of the same name, is a 100proof white rum blend designed specifically for use in daiquiris and other...

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Airline Overproof - $9

100ml at 140proof -- meets TSA maximum allowance for alcohol content and volume for US commercial aircraft carry-on. ...

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Spiced Bay Rum Aftershave - $18

We created a classic bay rum aftershave with witch hazel, ginger, black pepper, bay laurel, frankincense, vanilla, and our own spiced rum. ...

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Hoodie - $40

Quality hoodie in all black featuring the "MF" logo on front and Queen's Share image on back. ...

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Tee - $20

Quality ring-spun cotton tee in dark heather grey featuring the Queen's Share image on front and "MF" logo on back. ...

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