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What's going on at Maggie's Farm Rum?

Distillery Tours

Every Saturday at 3pm we are offering distillery tours. Each tour typically runs a little over 60 minutes with the tasting and focuses on the history of rum and its production methods, followed by our own history and production methods. We then wrap up each tour with a tasting of our rums. Tours are $15 per person and space is limited. You can sign up on our via the link to your left (or the drop-down menu on your mobile device).

+2-year Oloroso Aged Queen's Share

7/21/2017 - Queen's Share Rum is our award-winning reserve spirit made exclusively from the tail runnings of our normal cane rum distillations. Being heavier than alcohol, the flavor and aroma compounds boil off the still in a higher concentration at the end of the distillation cycle. We keep these tail runnings and re-distill them on their own. This results in a more flavorful and complex spirit.

This next release features our Sherry Barrel finish. This version was aged almost two years before being finished for almost another year in an Oloroso cask from Jerez, Spain where it picked up the sherry style's notes of leather and raisins.

Pub Chip Shop Food Truck

8/19/17 and 8/26/2017 - Pittsburgh's newest food truck from one of it's best take-out restaurants, The Pub Chip Shop, will be parked outside the distillery all afternoon through the evening.

Red Hills by the Quantum Theatre

8/18/17 - 9/10/17 - The Quantum Theatre will be putting on a showing of Red Hills each Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night at 8:30 just a half a block from our distillery. Stop in for pre-show drinks through the 9/10 when our bar is open each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening.

“I wrote a book about Rwanda when I was in my twenties and a month ago I got a note saying what I wrote was a lie. It doesn’t matter. Or…Is it an opportunity? Are things like this note what propels humans to understanding?” 20 years after the genocide they witnessed first-hand as teenagers, two men a world apart reunite to face their memories, confront a ghost, and desperately seek forgiveness.