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Rick Sebak's Rickstarter Fundraiser

4/6/17 - This Thursday we will be donating $2 for every cocktail sold to Rick Sebak's Kickstarter campaign for NEBBY: Rick's Tales of Greater Pittsburgh. This campaign will help Rick and his crew to produce six new episodes about Pittsburgh to air on WQED. Details of the "Rickstarter" are here:

Why I wanted to do this: About 5 or so years ago, I was sitting with Rick at my usual Thursday night hangout, Piper's Pub. Rick told me about his desire to film some more episodes for his documentary series about Pittsburgh, which was undergoing a cultural renaissance at the time, but he was unable due to the loss of funding that previously allowed these productions. One of his ideas got me really excited. He wanted wanted an episode called "Pittsburgh in a Bottle." It would be about Pittsburgh's drinking culture, including it's breweries, wineries, and prospective distilleries (At the time the distillery laws were changing. Only Boyd & Blair Vodka existed, if I recall correctly, but more were sure to come, including Wigle Whiskey and my own distillery which was in planning). I had also been heavily involved in the craft beer community at the time, so the concept had me excited all around. Not to mention I had recently moved into the city to start planning my distillery and had just "cut the cord," so I was watching a LOT of Rick's specials on WQED over broadcast airwaves.

I think a lot of us would like to see this happen, not only for "Pittsburgh in a Bottle" for all of Rick's new episodes. So, please stop down, meet Rick, have a drink and know that $2 of every one will go towards this campaign to raise money for more episodes.

Falernum and Coffee Liqueur Release

4/8/17 - Finally, the wait is over. Our new Coffee Liqueur, made with real Commonplace ground in-house, cold-brewed coffee and also our Falernum, a ginger, clover, and lime liqueur are ready for full release. Deciding to use fresh ingredients so we didn't have to sacrifice flavor, we've been waiting on a 99% UV resistant glass bottle imported from Italy. This ensures a longer shelf life and protection of flavor and aroma components that make these spirits stand out. And unlike most liqueurs that use neutral grain spirits or vodkas, we use our own rum to contribute body and flavor. Bottles will be available for sale at the distillery and online for Pennsylvania residents to purchase when we open at 11am on Saturday, April 8th.