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+2-year Double Oak Aged Queen's Share

6/3/2017 - Queen's Share Rum is our award-winning reserve spirit made exclusively from the tail runnings of our normal cane rum distillations. Being heavier than alcohol, the flavor and aroma compounds boil off the still in a higher concentration at the end of the distillation cycle. We keep these tail runnings and re-distill them on their own. This results in a more flavorful and complex spirit.

This next release features our Double Oak finish. This version was aged 8 months in a virgin toasted oak barrel (as opposed to a charred barrel) to take advantage of the vanillans still available prior to charring, then allowed to rest the remainder of its time in a neutral barrel to allow the vanilla flavors to further develop into caramel and butterscotch notes while the oaky tannins mellow out.

Our Double Oak aged Queen's Share was recently awarded both a gold medal at the Miami International Rum XP competition and a double gold at the New York International Spirits Competition.

Black Sheep BBQ Pop-up

6/3/17 - In addition to this new release of our Double Oak Queen's Share, we'll be hosting a BBQ pop-up from from "smoke whisperer" Tony Guglielme and his soon-to-open Black Sheep BBQ. Stop in for some small plates of various smoked meats and a complimentary punch cocktail from Tony. A $20 plate gets you your choice of brisket, pork butt, porchetta, salmon, or jackfruit (a vegan option), plus sides and a rum punch. The event runs from 4-10pm.

Nimble Sloth Studio Art Gallery Opening

6/30/17 - Our newest gallery opening featuring work from local artists is Nimble Sloth Studio.

"I’m an artist living in Pittsburgh, PA. I grew up in Minneapolis, MN, and have been drawing and painting since I was a child. I fell in love with abstract art in one of my painting classes at college. In 2005 I received a BA in Computer Animation and Design but the career path I have chosen is different than what I studied. Nothing beats the feeling of holding a brush, sponge, pen, charcoal, or palette knife. Painting is tactile and sometimes unpredictable. It allows for more organic creativity and provides visual feedback, which brings me to the art that I create. Much of my inspiration comes from the subconscious. Many of the materials I use for paintings, frames and other work come from so-called trash discarded on the street. Living in an urban environment inspires me to create new things with found objects that would otherwise end up in landfills."