Rums and Liqueurs

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White Rum

Our White Rum is made from 100% Louisiana turbinado sugar, fermented with a Caribbean-derived rum yeast, then pot-distilled and aged for a minimum of 6 months. This creates a spirit profile that falls between heavy Caribbean rums and those with a slight characteristic of grassiness reminiscent of the "Agricole" rums of the French West Indies.

Spiced Rum

Our Spiced Rum is unlike other spiced rums. We infuse our turbinado-based white rum with a unique blend of spices, including Tahitian vanilla bean, cinnamon, nutmeg, and fresh-grated orange zest. The finish is dry -- not syrupy or overly sweet -- because we never back-sweeten it.

50/50 Dark Rum

Made in a traditional Caribbean style, blending our raw cane, pot-distilled Pittsburgh spirit in a 50/50 proportion with a column-distilled, 12-year aged molasses rum from Trinidad. This produces a spirit with the smoothness of an aged rum, yet with the body and flavor of a younger rum.

Falernum Liqueur

We use only fresh ingredients to make our version of this classic cocktail mixer invented in Barbados. Our Falernum Liqueur is made from fresh ginger, fresh grated lime zest, toasted whole cloves, and toasted allspice berries that are added to our White Rum in small batches, then sweetened with the same Louisiana turbinado sugar that we use for distilling. The end result is a 50proof, shelf-stable liqueur that mixes well in cocktails, but can also be used as a chilled digestif or mixed with tonic or soda.

Coffee Liqueur

What makes our Coffee Liqueur so special is our commitment to the highest quality ingredients. We use fair-trade, single-origin beans from the Wahgi Valley in Papua New Guinea, that are roasted locally in Pittsburgh. We make a fresh cold brew concentrate for each batch, then mix in our White Rum, the Louisiana turbinado used for distilling, and our house-made vanilla extract.

White Queen's Share

Queen’s Share is a reserve spirit that results from re-distilling a collection of end-runnings from each of our cane rum distillations. These end-runnings, known as “tails," have concentrated flavor and aroma compounds, and when re-distilled on their own, result in a heavy and complex spirit. We further separate the "heads" in a third distillation, and bottle at cask strength. We produce this reserve in a variety of finishes, including unaged, bourbon barrel-aged, and rye whiskey barrel-aged.

M.F.O.F. Rum Old Fashioned

Now available in bottles, our White Rum is the perfect base for this classic American cocktail. We infuse our White Rum with a blend of French and American Oak cubes, for that barrel flavor and aroma, and then blend in Louisiana turbinado sugar and aromatic bitters. We do all the work for you! The only things left to do are pour it over ice, garnish, and enjoy.

Airline Overproof

We package the uncut version of our white rum in a convenient travel bottle. What makes it truly unique is this 100ml bottle at 140proof meets the maximum allowance for alcohol content and volume set forth by the Transportation Security Administration for personal carry-on of beverage alcohol aboard commercial aircraft in the United States. Tag Maggie's Farm Rum in a photo of our Airline Overproof at your next travel destination and you will see it featured on our social media pages!